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Fire Systems Services: Your fire safety experts

Here at Fire Systems Services, we’ve been providing businesses with excellent fire safety measures since 2000. We know our industry like the back of our hand. We strive to provide our clients with services that transform their safety. Many of our engineers have more than 30 years in the business; we consistently improve our processes so that clients always receive the best service. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from designing and installing your fire alarm systems and detection devices, to commissioning and maintaining them. Anything you could need, we’re here for you. 

The sectors we work in

No matter your sector, we can help you. Many of our engineers have more than 30 years of experience in our industry, and over this time we’ve developed ways of working that are applicable for every sector. Our expertise is bound to benefit you, and the quality of our work can’t be rivalled. If you’re convinced by our track record, why not give us a call?  

Hear from our clients

A wide range of businesses have benefitted from our expertise. Read the reviews they’ve left for us to see what we’re like to work with.

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Are you looking for an updated fire alarm system for your commercial property? Fire Systems Services can offer you seamless fire safety measures. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email and claim your free quote. Complete our contact form to request a call back from us.


Fire alarm systems tailored to your
commercial property

There are a variety of fire alarm systems that your business could benefit from. We will expertly design a system that suits your property, considering your requirements and ensuring your building is as safe as can be. We’ll be able to decide on the most appropriate system for you.

Conventional fire alarm systems 

Conventional fire alarm systems are a cost-effective option. Each zone links to the control panel on its own circuit. The panel can indicate the zone activated in the event of a fire.

Addressable fire alarm systems 

These systems use sophisticated technology to link every device to the control panel on the same circuit. This increases the system integrity and allows the control panel to identify the exact location of the fire alarm activation, reducing search times.

Wireless fire alarm systems 

Wireless alarm systems eliminate wiring. Each device connects wirelessly to the control panel on a dedicated frequency, making you safe while preserving aesthetics. 

Hybrid fire alarm systems 

Hybrid systems offer the benefits of an addressable wired and wireless system. They are often used on sites with areas where it is difficult to install cables.

Excellent installation services
since 2000

We have been providing seamless installation services for over 20 years. We work with you to ensure you’re getting what you need, and our processes are effective and quick. If your business requires us to work outside of hours, we can conduct our services whenever it’s convenient. Our experienced team knows exactly how to meet your fire safety needs. After your installation process is complete, we offer fire alarm commissioning to ensure your devices are safe and fully functioning. 

Fire alarm maintenance: regular servicing of your systems

Once your fire alarm systems are installed, you’ll need to have them maintained regularly to guarantee their effectiveness. We offer service agreements, giving you peace of mind that your systems will be checked frequently by professionals. Leave it in the hands of the experts and your maintenance will be successful. We collaborate with you to organise your servicing appointments and how often they will take place. We can even service your fire extinguishers within the agreement. This helps ensure the safety of your premises and your employees in line with your legal responsibilities.

Why trust Fire Systems Services?

There are many reasons why we’re the best company around. One of our core values is loyalty – we’ll always do the right thing for our clients. Why not find out why we’re the right choice for your fire safety requirements.

Start-to-finish specialist services

Our team of experts will be with you throughout the entire process. Whether we are designing, installing, commissioning, or maintaining your system, trust us with your fire safety. We’ll do what’s convenient for you, delivering a top-quality service.

Experienced, expert engineers

Many of our engineers have more than 30 years of valuable experience and we always keep up with industry developments. We are fully qualified and accredited to carry out our work.

Multi-trained engineers

Our engineers are trained in every aspect of our service, from designing to maintaining your systems. You won’t experience delays from us! Our skills and knowledge mean that we find solutions to any problem. Your fire safety will be to a high standard – excellent service is our priority.

Company loyalty 

We have clients that have been with us for 20 years. We do the right thing by you, and we prioritise your safety and care. We take pride in our work and what it can provide for you. We can guarantee our specialist service every time – that’s what our loyalty to you can offer.

Clear communication methods

We communicate with you in whichever way is convenient. Whether this is over the phone or by email, we are clear and concise. We respond to enquires on the same day and, if you need us urgently, we have a 24/7 call out service. Our software allows clients to access reports and schedule services conveniently.

Compliant with industry regulations

Our team is trained to go above and beyond the industry standards. We use the best systems, such as BT Redcare technology in our monitored fire alarm systems. We always strive to offer the best. We are qualified, accredited and insured. Our approach ensures full compliance with regulations in your sector, so there’s no need for you to worry.

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For excellent fire alarms and safety measures, choose Fire Systems Services as your expert providers. We can transform the fire safety within your commercial property. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email and let’s discuss your needs.