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Fire detection systems: Protect your business

Fire detection systems can save lives. Alerting you to potential fires before they become too dangerous, fire detection devices should be your first port of call when arming your building with fire safety measures. There are plenty of options, all of which can benefit your company in different ways. Working with Fire Systems Services, you can be sure that we will install the device that has the best detection capabilities for your requirements.

Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide systems are the most common detectors that everyone will have heard of. Each has their own specific purpose within a building and operates differently, detecting minute changes within the room they’re installed in.

Smoke detectors

These devices pick up even the smallest amount of smoke within your building. They are very sensitive and can detect a fire extremely quickly to prevent it from causing too much damage.

Heat detectors

Heat detectors sense a change in temperature, even the slightest one. This makes them ideal for environments that have a higher probability of being smoky or steamy on a regular basis, such as kitchens and workshops.

Carbon monoxide detectors

These detect carbon monoxide fumes caused by a fire. They are useful in reducing unwanted alarms in areas where steam and fumes can be mistaken for smoke, such as hotel rooms.

What is the difference between
smoke and heat detectors?

It’s easy to hear the phrases ‘smoke detector’ and ‘heat detector’ and think of the same thing. The difference between these devices is in the name – they alert people to a potential fire by detecting different characteristics. These detectors are used in different situations according to what kind of fire is likely to break out in the area. They will be tailored to your commercial property. For example, if you are installing detection devices in a restaurant, a heat detector in the kitchen will be ideal. Its placement will make sure it is somewhere that won’t be too susceptible to extreme temperature changes. This is where Fire Systems Services can help – we assess the space and design a system that is appropriate.

Fire Systems Services:
qualified engineers

We’re fully qualified and accredited across the board. Our engineers have worked hard to achieve the accreditations that allow us to work to a higher standard than our competitors. You can expect nothing but the best from our talented team.

Have some questions we can answer?

The British Standards and Regulations associated with fire detection devices are often a point of confusion. If you have any questions, call us and we’ll be able to answer anything. Get in touch with us on 0800 999 1211 or email for expert advice.


Multi-criteria detectors

A multi-criteria detector provides all-round protection in just one device. The technology is designed to detect all factors that could be dangerous and alert your fire alarm system. This intelligent device can also be put on timers which dictate when the device switches between detection methods. The sensor detects a fire quickly and is capable of reducing the number of false alarms. This will increase your building’s compliance with safety measures.

Beam detectors

Beam detectors could save you money. Appropriate for large spaces with ceilings above 10 metres, our team could install two beam detectors where you would otherwise have needed around 50 smoke detectors! Beam detectors are infrared laser beams that extend across the room. If the beams are broken by smoke, the alarm will be triggered. Due to the reduced number of detectors, this approach can maximise your budget.

Gaseous suppression systems

A gaseous suppression system can be paired with its own fire alarm system. Their purpose is to extinguish fires by removing the oxygen from the air to a percentage below 15%, which will no longer allow materials to burn. A dedicated fire detection system will detect the fire and alert the room occupants before discharging the inert extinguishing gas. These are usually installed within computer comms rooms or high-risk areas. Their quick responses reduce equipment damage and prevent expensive down time.

Aspirating smoke detectors

Aspirating smoke detectors are so sensitive that they can detect even minute amounts of fire. We use VESDA detectors, as well as other manufacturers, which draw air into a pipe network. This air goes into a detection chamber, where any amount of smoke will be detected by a laser light source. This alerts the sensor to a fire, triggering an alarm or a fire suppression system. We can install these detectors with varying levels of sensitivity, carefully tailoring them to your business’ needs.

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These devices are of utmost importance within your building, and they can be used hand in hand to make your space the safest it can be. Get in touch with us on 0800 999 1211 or email for our expert opinion on which detector you need.


Why Fire Systems Services are your fire detection experts

Here at Fire Systems Services, our knowledge of fire detection devices and alarm systems rivals all the rest. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose us as your expert company.

Comprehensive services

Our services are start-to-finish, encompassing designing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining. We do it all to the highest standard.

Decades of experience

Our engineers are enviably experienced – many of us have more than 30 years in the industry. There’s no one that knows the business better.

Multi-trained engineers

Our team is trained in all areas of our services. From installing to maintaining, we can do it all. Due to this, you won’t experience delays from us.

Concise communication

Our communication is consistent and informative. You’ll never be left wanting for information, and our software system can help you keep up to date with your project.

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