Fire alarm testing

Test your fire alarm regularly to guarantee an efficient system. To arrange yours, call 0800 999 1211.

Fire alarm testing: Reassurance for the workplace

Fire alarm testing is essential – failing to do this could result in a fire being undetected until it has caused immeasurable damage. It is a simple process and can be carried out either by your team or by Fire Systems Services. Fire alarm testing should be done routinely in your workplace. This will give you peace of mind that your detection devices are triggering the alarm system correctly and are alerting you to any possible fires. Fire alarm commissioning is also important; this involves thorough testing to ensure the system’s processes are operating effectively after the installation.

Why would your business benefit from testing your systems?

You might be wondering why fire alarm testing is so essential for your business. Your main priority should always be the safety of those inside your commercial building. Regular testing and training on how to test your systems yourself will allow you to be confident in the safety of the people within your property. This safety comes along with some other benefits.

  • Compliant with safety laws

Commercial fire alarm systems must be inspected and maintained regularly, so that they function effectively in the event of a fire.

  • Leave the responsibility to us

By getting Fire Systems Services to test your fire alarm systems regularly as per your service agreement, you can rest assured that your systems have been signed off by professional experts.

  • Increased efficacy

Regular testing of your fire alarm systems can help you find out where any flaws may be. From these findings, your systems could undergo improvements which will increase the safety of your commercial property.

Accredited, qualified engineers

All our engineers are  qualified – you can trust us. Your project is safe in our hands, and our qualifications ensure that we’re always getting better at what we do. We’re dedicated to progressing within our industry and providing our clients with services that prioritise their fire safety.

Do you need our services? Give us a call

If you’ve realised that your team needs some training on how to test your fire alarm, come to Fire Systems Services. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email and let us improve fire safety in your commercial property! We can also answer any questions you may have about the British Standards and Regulations, and how they may impact your property.



Fire alarm commissioning: Rigorous system checks

Fire alarm commissioning is a slightly more rigorous testing process than regular system checks. This takes place after your fire alarm system has been installed. When your fire alarm is being commissioned, our team will test every aspect of your equipment to ensure it’s functioning to its best ability. We will also compare the installed system to your property’s fire risk assessment, checking that it complies with the requested precautions and your location’s specific risks. After this process is carried out, regular fire alarm testing will be required to continuously confirm the health of your systems.

Our training service: Take control of your fire safety

Fire alarm training is a business move that could end up saving you costs. Fire alarm systems should be checked regularly, and the last thing you want is a company at your premises every week to carry out a simple process. At Fire Systems Services, we can train your employees to carry out regular checks on your systems. This will save costs in the long run and will give you peace of mind in the functionality of your fire alarms. Be sure to contact Fire Systems Services for regular maintenance and your business will be as safe as can be.

Choose fire alarm experts you can trust

If you need services that will increase fire safety within your commercial building, don’t look anywhere else. Here at Fire Systems Services, we know the ins and outs of our industry. Our attention to detail is one of our most prized qualities. Why not find out why else you should choose us for your fire alarm systems…

Stellar service from beginning to end

Working with one company for every service pertaining to your alarm systems is bound to save you costs in the long run. For example, we offer fire extinguisher services within our maintenance plan. This convenience can’t be beaten!

Engineers with years of experience

Our company has been in operation for more than 20 years, and many of our engineers have been in the industry for even longer. We’ve installed and maintained fire alarm systems in every sector imaginable – you’re safe in our hands.

Experts in every service

We train our engineers in every aspect of fire alarm systems – from designing them to maintaining them. We’re all-round experts, dedicated to our craft. You won’t experience delays with our service – there is always a competent engineer on hand.

Concise communication

Our communication is tailored to you. You’ll have a consistent point of contact to ensure you get the detailed information you need. Our software allows you to access your reports and schedule appointments, making communication with us that much easier.

Contact Fire Systems Services

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