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Fire alarms for property management companies

Property management companies mean that we are often working with building managers. These properties can be very large, sometimes with many different people occupying the building, such as a block of flats or offices. Due to their large nature, it’s important that we design a fire alarm system that is safe for the entire property. With more than 30 years of experience in this industry, we know how to do this effectively for your commercial buildings. When it comes to your installation, we’ll take your requirements into account and collaborate with you to ensure that our work isn’t disruptive to the occupants of your properties.

How Fire Systems Services works with you

When we’re working within your commercial properties, we’ll make sure to keep disruption to a minimum. We’re aware that people may be coming in and out of the properties consistently, and their lives will need to go ahead without being disturbed. If it’s more convenient for you, we can work outside of hours when no one is around. We prioritise a service that’s suitable for you. As well as keeping your buildings safe and in line with fire regulations, we make your experience with us the best it can be. Our previous property management clients have been very happy with our services and value their fire safety highly.

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Property management companies: Which fire alarm system works for you?

When you’re looking for a fire alarm system for your commercial property, there are a variety of factors to take into account when choosing which one will be the best fit. That’s where Fire Systems Services comes in, we can design the perfect system in accordance with the characteristics of your building. Your property will be in safe hands.

Conventional fire alarm systems

A conventional fire alarm system has zones linking to the control panel on their own circuit. This allows emergency services to find out which circuit is being triggered.

Addressable fire alarm systems

This system uses sophisticated technology to link every device to the control panel on the same circuit. This makes for a reliable system and identifies the exact location of a fire.

Wireless fire alarm systems

Using a wireless connection to communicate between detection devices and the control panel, this method of fire detection can preserve the aesthetic of your building.

Hybrid fire alarm systems

A hybrid alarm system offers a blend between wired and wireless technology. Appropriate for sites with areas that are difficult to wire, it can create a durable system on a large scale.

How many fire extinguishers could you require in your business premises?

The amount of fire extinguishers you will need in your commercial property will differ according to its size and the nature of your business. This is why you need fire safety experts to conduct a site visit of your property to ensure you have the right amount of fire measures to protect your business. We also offer fire extinguisher servicing within our maintenance agreements so that you can have peace of mind that your systems are fully functioning. To rest assured that your systems will alert you to a fire, our fire alarm testing service will reassure you. We can train your employees to do this themselves, ensuring that in between our services you can maintain a safe property. If your property management company has large sites like hotels and healthcare properties, knowing that your employees know how to test your systems is imperative.

Tell us your fire safety requirements

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Fire alarm regulations for commercial buildings

Within a property management company, there are some commercial property fire alarm regulations that you must adhere to in order to run your business smoothly and in compliance with the law. Here are some of the factors you must take into consideration when running your property:

  • Allocate a ‘Responsible Person’. This person (or multiple people) will be in charge of maintaining fire safety at all times.
  • Arrange or carry out a fire risk assessment regularly. This ensures that your property is constantly being monitored for risks that may present themselves.
  • It’s important that you have a fire safety logbook to be compliant with safety laws. This ensures that, should the fire authority visit, you are showing that you’re carrying out regular safety tasks.
  • All businesses and commercial properties must have at least two visible fire safety signs; a Fire Action Notice and a Fire extinguisher ID sign.

Commercial property fire risk assessments: Our accredited engineers

To ensure your fire alarm system is designed with the specific characteristics of your building in mind, a fire risk assessment must be carried out. This identifies any fire risks that could be present, and allows our engineers to take them into consideration, meaning your building will have a system that is safely tailored to your commercial property. Our engineers are fully qualified and accredited, meaning your risk assessment report will be completed by an expert. We’re happy to obtain any accreditations needed to work on your project in property management companies.

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