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Fire alarms for restaurants and bars

Every restaurant and bar will have different needs from us. Our experience in this sector allows us to design fire alarm systems according to your every requirement. You’ll be receiving a bespoke service from us, and you can be sure that we will design and install a system for your property that is appropriate for the risks and purposes of the space. Every restaurant is different, so our expertise is necessary to make sure your fire safety is as comprehensive as it can be. We have more than 30 years in the industry, and we’ve developed ways of working that ensure your business is cared for. Anything you require, let us know and we will work to your needs. The restaurants and bars we have worked in have been over the moon with their resulting fire alarm systems.

Our flexible way of working

We are experienced in working in environments where the general public may be around, such as in retail and schools and colleges. Due to this, we work in a way that minimises disruption, creating as little mess as possible and ensuring that our processes don’t infringe on any workers and their daily routines. We’re happy to work outside of your opening hours. This may make it easier for your business to run smoothly in the evening without our team conducting a service. Whether you’d like us to work in the morning or at an alternative time, we’re flexible in when we come to your workplace. We’ve worked in a variety of similar sectors that have required us to work different hours. We also have a 24/7 call out service should you need us urgently.

Let us clear up your queries

Our team has extensive experience when it comes to the British Standards and Regulations. If you have any questions about how these will impact fire safety within your restaurant or bar, contact us on 0800 999 1211 or email


Health and safety in restaurants: Which fire alarm system will help you achieve this?

In a restaurant or bar, you may need a mixture of features in your fire alarm systems. We also have detection devices that will differ according to the purpose the room is used for. At Fire Systems Services, we can advise you as to which devices and systems will serve you the best; our expertise is useful in these situations.

Conventional fire alarm systems

Conventional fire alarms can suit smaller spaces, as there are less devices which connect to the control panel on each circuit. This option could be cost-effective for you.

Addressable fire alarm systems

These systems connect each device to the control panel on the same circuit. This is intelligent technology and can reduce the number of false alarms.

Wireless fire alarm systems

Wireless systems could be the one for you if you don’t want the presence of wires. This is often for aesthetic reasons, such as in heritage buildings. They connect to the control panel via a wireless network.

Hybrid fire alarm systems

Hybrid systems are a mixture of wireless and wired fire alarm systems. This is great in situations where there are two sections, such as a kitchen and an eating area, which require different technology.

Detection devices: protect your business

At Fire Systems Services, we have a mixture of detection devices which you could use in your restaurant or bar. Which one you use will depend on what your building is being used for. For example, in a kitchen where there is an increased amount of steam and smoke, it would be better to use a heat detector that is placed in a location that is far away from temperature fluctuations. Where your patrons eat is where a smoke detector may be a better fit, as smoke is not likely to be a common occurrence in the dining area. Our experts will be able to consult with you on this, ensuring that you have the perfect systems and devices for your restaurant or bar.

Fire Systems Services can offer you a variety of services that can contribute to your fire safety. We offer fire extinguishers and can service these within your regular maintenance plan. This will give you control over a small fire that breaks out, minimising the amount of property damage and risk to your customers. We can also provide you with regular fire alarm testing, and we can train your employees to do this outside of our services. This will give you authority over your fire safety, meaning that you can always have peace of mind that your systems are fully functioning

Restaurant fire extinguishers: Our other services

Tell us your fire safety requirements

Fire safety is imperative in the food industry, and it can be tricky to get all the elements correct. Here at Fire Systems Services, we know all there is to know about fire alarm systems for restaurants and bars. Why not give us a call? We’re available on 0800 999 1211 or We’ll give you a call back shortly if you’d prefer to leave us your details in our contact form.


Restaurant fire safety regulations: Steps you can take 

In restaurants and bars, there are certain safety regulations that have to be met in order for you to operate smoothly. It’s important for your premises to have a ‘Responsible Person’, who will take control of your fire safety. There can be more than one responsible person, and they are in charge of daily duties. This may include:

  • Checking fire alarm systems
  • Arranging periodic fire risk assessments
  • Maintaining fire safety measures
  • Providing fire training for employees
  • Putting emergency procedures into place

If you need a company to help you become aware of the steps you need to take in order for your restaurant or bar to become compliant with fire safety regulations, come to Fire Systems Services.


Restaurant risk assessments: our qualified experts

Your restaurant or bar will definitely need a fire risk assessment in order to operate safely. This is a report that conveys what risks your property has that may become dangerous in the event of a fire. This is important to have, so that we can then design your fire alarm system with these risks in mind which will make your building that much safer. All our engineers are qualified and accredited, allowing your business to benefit from our expertise. Why go to anyone except the experts?

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