We have some of the best working for us. Many of our engineers have been working in the industry for over 30 years, and our experience helps us share our knowledge with our team. We’re a supportive, tight-knit company and we encourage our staff to learn and expand. Meet our management team:

Neil Caines

In 2000, with 18 years’ experience already in his arsenal, Neil created Fire Systems Services in its current form. Now with more than four decades’ experience, Neil has been working closely with fire alarm systems and providing stellar services since 1982. An engineer since 1999, he has been learning and growing ever since. His day-to-day routine is never the same. Sometimes you’ll find Neil on multiple site visits ensuring that projects are on-schedule, and other times he has client meetings to discuss upcoming works. Neil oversees projects, handles enquiries, and carries out installation works. One of Neil’s most important skills is time management, helping all these duties to go according to plan. Neil has a thorough understanding of the trade and is confident in everything it requires.

Neil has relished watching the company grow into what it is today. He is proud of the work we provide and looks forward to expanding even further. Neil loves working with the people he meets. Teaching the trade to his son, Will, and watching him grow within the company has also been an honour. On his time off, Neil enjoys spending time with his family, watching motorcycle racing, and has started the new venture of playing golf.

Will Caines

Will has been with Fire Systems Services since 2018, working in the industry for a further two years since 2016. His dad, Neil, introduced Will to the industry and taught him everything he knew. From here, Will developed his own passion for fire safety. His duties are a mixture of client meetings to discuss the logistics of current projects, carrying out installations and guaranteeing customer welfare. A typical day can also find him updating CAD designs and supporting engineers on site. Will is excellent at prioritising clients’ needs, which helps him manage expectations and ensure there is no overlap between clients.

Will loves working at Fire Systems Services, and always takes opportunities to learn new areas of the business. He always strives to improve on his ability to communicate with clients and colleagues, and never gets bored of his job. In his free time, Will can be found socialising with friends, in the gym, or playing with the dog. He also has a budding interest in golf.

Mathew Bateman
General Manager

Mathew has been with us since 2020. After training as a car mechanic when he left school, he decided he wanted a career change and started working with a fire alarm company in 2002. Now that we have his expertise in Fire Systems Services, none of Mathew’s days are alike! His main duties include service and project enquiries, designing systems, and conducting site surveys. A typical day has Mathew collaborating with our Operational Manager, Leigh, liaising with installation supervisors and checking on job progression. Over the course of his experience with fire alarms (over 20 years), Mathew has worked in every aspect of our industry, from starting as a trainee engineer and working up to a management role. This allows him to tackle any project.

Mathew loves the variety of his work, as well as each day’s challenges that arise when working with us. He also appreciates working with such a skilled and experienced team. Outside of work, you’ll find Mathew in the gym, running, or hiking. He does a lot of activities with his children and indulges on long walks with his dog.

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