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Monitored fire alarm systems: 24/7 protection

For businesses and commercial properties that may be at a higher risk, monitored fire alarm systems are very helpful. These systems allow the building to be monitored for fire risks when it’s unoccupied, such as on weekends. If your alarm system is activated by a detection device, emergency services and/or building keyholders will be called automatically without a passerby having to contact them. Companies find that monitored systems give them peace of mind and security when no one is at the location. Using BT Redcare monitored systems, Fire Systems Services can help you ensure your business is compliant with the relevant fire safety regulations.

Would your business benefit from a monitored system?

Monitored alarm systems are beneficial for businesses that need an automatic response to the fire alarm system 24hrs a day, such as care homes, schools and colleges, and healthcare settings. Industries such as these are frequently under-staffed or extremely busy, meaning monitoring can ensure that their property’s systems are safe, compliant, and running effectively. This protects your business, while allowing you to go about your daily lives. Leave the responsibility in the hands of Fire Systems Services.

Monitored system types for your commercial property

There are different kinds of monitored fire alarm systems that could work well in your property. All systems operate in the same way, apart from their connection to the people monitoring the systems. There are two main options:

IP operated

One option is connecting your fire alarm system to the monitoring station through your internet connection. This wired system will grant you a secure connection and will allow your system to be monitored 24/7. IP systems also have a back-up sim card in case the internet fails.

Wireless network operated

The wireless network is often our most popular option. The fire alarm system will connect to the monitoring station through a SIM card on a 4G network. The unit is equipped with two SIM cards on different networks to ensure constant monitoring. Your commercial property can remain wire-free, preserving its aesthetic.

Qualified monitored alarm system experts

Our team has worked hard to achieve the qualifications and accreditations necessary to conduct our work in a safe and effective manner. We train our employees beyond the industry standard, building upon their knowledge so that we’re constantly improving our performance.

Our most frequently asked question…

One question our clients ask us the most is how the British Standards and Regulations affect their monitored fire alarm systems. Call us on 0800 999 1211 or email to find out the answer. You can also complete our contact form, and we’ll give you a call back shortly.


Who is notified if your monitored system is triggered?

Our monitored alarm service can be paired up with any fire alarm system that you have installed within your commercial property. Addressable, conventional, wireless, and hybrid systems can all be connected to our monitoring system to ensure your business is safe in the event of a fire. Your fire alarm system will be monitored 24hrs a day by our NSI Gold approved call centre. On activation of your fire alarm system they will notify the nominated keyholders or the emergency services for a rapid response.

Agents for BT Redcare

When we install your monitored fire alarm system, it will be part of the BT Redcare line. This is trusted software that will keep your property safe, ensuring a fast response if the alarm is triggered. Redcare can also use a mobile signal as well as a landline. This guarantees a response in the event that one of the connections fail – your property will always be protected. The BT Redcare network has 99.997% availability, making it a reliable and durable choice.

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Here at Fire Systems Services, we take care of you from start to finish. From design to maintenance, your monitored systems are safe in our hands.

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Many of our engineers have more than 30 years of experience in the fire systems industry – we know all there is to know about how to tailor our service for your utmost safety.

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Each of our engineers has been thoroughly trained, meaning that from installation to maintenance, your specialist will know every trick of the trade. You’ll never experience delays from us.

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The way we communicate is tailored to you. We will keep you updated with your project through your preferred method of communication, and our software allows you to access all the information you need.

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