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Fire alarms for schools and colleges

Our work in the schools and colleges sector has given us a lot of relevant experience that your commercial property can benefit from. Your fire alarm systems will be tailored to your exact needs, ensuring that your fire safety is effective. This is incredibly important in this sector when the building is consistently frequented by so many people. We’ve developed ways of working that eliminate any disruption to our clients by working around the times when students will be in classes. We’re also happy to work outside of our usual hours.

Fire alarms in schools: How we operate

Working in schools and colleges means that our engineers have to be flexible in the way they work. The hours that we’re permitted to be in the building are different due to classes taking place. Our team is always willing to work out of hours so that our clients’ days can go undisrupted. We also understand that the rooms we work in will be in regular use in between us completing the project. We work respectfully, always cleaning up after ourselves so that the space is clean for students and teachers. We implement the same processes in sectors such as the restaurants and bars industry, working at times when the general public won’t be disturbed. Our engineers are experienced in what they do – we always strive to be ahead of industry standards and our processes are modern, ensuring you receive excellent results.

Answering your questions

We receive a lot of questions about how the British Standards and Regulations for fire safety measures relate to schools and colleges. Our team has the answer. Why not give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or to find out more?


Fire safety and school regulations: Which is the best system for you?

If your commercial property is a school or a college, you may be wondering which system to install for the best results. There are a variety of options that could work in your space, and it’s down to our talented engineers to design an effective system for your building. You could benefit from…

Conventional fire alarm systems

Conventional fire alarms benefit small locations – every zone links to the control panel on its own circuit. This is a cost-effective option for businesses.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable fire alarm systems are sophisticated. The intelligent technology allows all devices to link to the control panel on one circuit, increasing efficiency and identifying the location of a fire more accurately.

Wireless fire alarm systems

If you’re looking to protect the aesthetic of your building, wireless systems will be the one for you. Communicating via a wireless connection, it eliminates the need for wiring.

Hybrid fire alarm systems

Our hybrid systems have the benefits of both wired and wireless systems. A blend of two options, they can communicate with each other and create a reliable system.

What else can we offer you?

Our team of engineers will stick by you, no matter what you need from us. We’re experts in designing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining fire alarm systems that are bespoke to your commercial property. We also provide servicing for systems such as fire extinguishers. After your fire alarms have been installed, it’s imperative that you test them to check that they’re working effectively. At Fire Systems Services, we can do this for you and we provide training so that your team can have the knowledge to do this as well. We have all the expertise to make sure that your fire safety is assured.

Tell us your fire safety requirements

Here at Fire Systems Services, we prioritise doing the right thing by our clients. We adapt our approach to the schools and colleges we’re working in, making sure that their fire alarm requirements are met. Why not give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or to find out more about our services?


The importance of a fire risk assessment in schools

For any commercial property, it’s essential that a fire risk assessment is carried out prior to us designing your fire alarm system. This ensures that we’re aware of all the risks that are present in your building, meaning we can design with them in mind. This allows your building to become that much safer. All our engineers are fully qualified and accredited, including enhanced DBS checks to work in schools and colleges. We take steps to make sure that we’re always ahead of the industry standards. Our Fire Risk Assessor is a Graduate of The Institution of Fire Engineers (GIFireE) – we have all the experience to benefit your building.

Case study: Stantonbury International School, Milton Keynes

Stantonbury International School is the second largest school in the whole of Britain. It is a sprawling campus with numerous academic blocks, a theatre, and a sports centre. As a massive site, many fire alarm systems are needed. In fact, the school has 21 fire alarm control panels all networked together. This project took us two weeks to complete from start to finish.

Our work for Stantonbury International School

  • We identified that their multi-panel networked fire alarm system was functioning incorrectly, which would have caused major issues in the event of a fire.
  • We conducted a site survey where we found out that the system configuration was wrong, and some network modules had been wired incorrectly.
  • We corrected the cable issues and reprogrammed the system configuration. We were able to resolve all the issues for a fraction of the price of replacing it completely.
  • Now, the site has a fully functioning fire alarm system, which they can upgrade on a staggered timeline when the budget allows.

Stantonbury International School will now be able to maintain their systems and regularly ensure that they are in good working order, avoiding more faults in the future. This is imperative with so many students and teachers walking the halls.

The in-depth details

Communication with our client

To determine what the issues were with the current fire alarm system, we had to carry out a technical site survey. Our engineers visited Stantonbury International School and did a thorough inspection of the current alarm system, enabling them to understand where the issues were stemming from. From here, we were able to recommend the appropriate course of action to improve their fire safety.

Our client’s requirements

Working in the schools and colleges sector, it was imperative that our engineers had enhanced DBS checks. This allowed us to conduct ourselves safely around the location and reassured our clients that we are trustworthy. We are eager to get any accreditations or embark on training if it widens our skills and reassures our clients that we are the company to choose.

Challenges we faced and how we conquered them

Our main challenge was the reason we were contracted for this job. The cabling faults and software programming issues that we encountered were difficult to overcome, so we carried out a site survey and our specialist engineers took a thorough look at the commercial property. With their experience and extensive knowledge of fire alarm systems, they were able to repair the issues without costing the client more money for a brand-new system.

Get in touch with our team

Stantonbury International School were more than satisfied with our services. Find out why we’re the right choice for your fire alarm system requirements in the education sector. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or You can also fill out our contact form to request a call back from us!


Case study: Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School, Upminster

Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School is a secondary school in Upminster, London Borough of Havering. There are many buildings, with a variety of them being historical. This meant that we operated with the preservation of how the building looked in mind, impacting the systems we used in the location. We worked on this project for two to three months, collaborating with the client to ensure their maximum satisfaction!

Our work for Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School

  •  We installed a new multi-loop analogue addressable system.

An addressable system was a brilliant solution in this location due to its intelligent, sophisticated technology. This was the best system for the commercial property, and the client was more than satisfied with our services. Find out why our clients keep coming back to us.

The in-depth details

Communication with our client

To determine what work needed to be done to this school, we communicated with our client by asking them to provide us with a specification. They did this, including details about the property that would be relevant to our design processes. From this information we were able to design a fire alarm system that was suitable for the location, giving them increased fire safety.

Our client’s requirements

Due to the purpose of the building, students and teachers were using the rooms during the hours of a school day. This meant that we could not work on the system when the building was in use. We’re more than happy to work out of hours if it makes it more convenient for our client. We made sure to leave the areas clean for when pupils were attending classes the next day, eliminating any disruption to their learning.

Challenges we faced and how we conquered them

One challenge we encountered whilst working on this project was the age of the building. It is very old, and this meant that the fittings are highly ornate. Although beautiful, this posed some difficulties for us and it was important to preserve the aesthetic of the property, keeping these fittings intact. To overcome this issue, we concealed the cables we used very carefully. This allowed us to use an addressable fire alarm system which was the most effective fit for the building, also preserving the building’s historic features.

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