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Fire alarms for care homes

Working in care homes has given the team at Fire Systems Services extensive experience working in sensitive areas. A lot of the time in these environments, tact and a discreet nature is required. We have a lot of experience in working in these situations, and our team are experts at working so that residents and workers in the care homes are undisturbed as much as possible. We have some of the best engineers in the industry, and we know all fire alarm systems like the back of our hand. We can design, install, commission, and maintain fire alarms in your commercial property, guaranteeing the safety of your residents and their carers.

Fire alarm systems in care homes: How we work with you

Our processes are easily tailored to how our clients need us to work. We take all your requirements into account, working flexibly and with minimal disruption. If you need us to, we’ll be happy to work outside of hours to access areas of the care home we wouldn’t be able to get to during the day. We’re aware that we may be working in bedrooms, so our disruption needs to be kept to a minimum. We always work responsibly and respectfully. After our work is completed, you can rest assured that we will clean up after ourselves and return the property to how it was – just with improved fire safety!

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We often get asked about the intricacies of the British Standards and Regulations that may affect fire safety measures in care homes. For accurate information, call on 0800 999 1211 or email, and we’ll be able to discuss your project with you.


What type of fire alarm system must be fitted in a care home?

Depending on the characteristics of your building, the fire alarm system that will be the best option will differ. At Fire Systems Services, our team are experts at designing the perfect system that’s tailored to your commercial property. There are a range of options that could be effective in your care home.

Conventional fire alarm systems

A conventional fire alarm system could be the one for you if you’re looking for a cost-effective option. All zones are on their own circuits.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable fire alarm systems use more intelligent technology than conventional ones, as all devices are linked to the control hub on just one circuit and the exact location of the fire can be identified.

Wireless fire alarm systems

Minimising the amount of labour needed to wire your commercial property, wireless systems can preserve the look of your building and communicate effectively with the control panel.

Hybrid fire alarm systems

Hybrid systems boast a mixture of wired and wireless technology. Their communication boosts the efficacy of your fire alarm system and is a great option for sites involving buildings with areas that cannot be wired.

Protect residents with BT Redcare’s monitored fire alarm systems

Often in care homes, it is required that your fire alarm systems are monitored. This means that emergency fire services are called immediately in the event that your system is triggered, rather than the responsibility being on a r employee to call them. Care home employees often have other responsibilities pertaining to their residents that may stop them from calling for help in time. At Fire Systems Services, we use BT Redcare monitored fire alarm systems. These are reliable and durable, ensuring that your property is always monitored so that you don’t have to worry about your fire safety. Your monitored system can be used with an addressable, conventional, wireless, or hybrid system – our work is completely flexible to your property and needs.

Increase your fire safety with our services

For anything pertaining to your fire safety, you can rely on Fire Systems Services. We can provide you with anything from your fire alarm system installation, to the servicing of your fire extinguishers. We also offer fire alarm testing, as well as the option to train your employees on how to carry out the testing process themselves. This will ensure a safe fire alarm system that you can trust, without needing an outside company to confirm this for you. We also commission fire alarms after the installation process, comparing the completed work to the fire risk assessment to ensure all risks have been catered for. Anything you need from us, get in touch.

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Our expert engineers

Our engineers are some of the best in the industry. We’re always striving to pursue further training that will improve our quality of work for our clients, ensuring that their properties are the safest they can be. We are fully qualified and accredited so your building will be in safe hands. We operate with respect at the forefront of our minds – what’s best for our clients will always come first. If we need certain accreditations to be able to carry out your service, such as enhanced DBS checks, we will take steps to make this happen. We have experience in every sector, from healthcare through to property management companies. Leave your fire safety in our hands.


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