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Fire alarms for the construction sector

Working in construction often comes with different regulations than working in properties that are already established. Here at Fire Systems Services, we know how to work in line with these regulations and our projects always go off without a hitch. We have the technology to suit this sector, such as detection devices that are more suitable for sites with high ceilings. We work with both wired and wireless systems, meaning no matter what route is best for your construction project, we can provide the solution. The best thing is, after we have designed your fire alarm system, we’re the experts to come to for your installation, commissioning, and maintenance. What could be better than having all your fire safety needs met in the same place?

How we can increase fire safety in construction

Our experience in working in the construction sector has given us valuable processes that we can carry into your project. We will design your fire alarm system according to the consultant’s specification. This information means that we can design with the possible risks of the building in mind, increasing the fire safety for those who will be inside. Our flexibility means that whatever timings work best for your construction project, we can work to them. If this means we carry out work out of hours, we’re happy to do this. We work respectfully and in collaboration with your requirements, cleaning up after ourselves and leaving your space how it needs to be for further construction.

Your compliance questions…

We often have construction clients who ask us about the British Standards and Regulations their fire safety measures need to comply with. For information on how these could impact you, contact Fire Systems Services on 0800 999 1211 or email


Construction projects: Which system will be the most effective?

Depending on what your property will be used for and its characteristics, there are multiple fire alarm system options that you could benefit from. Our team designs the entire system, so you can rest assured that your property will have a bespoke, reliable system that benefits from our extensive experience.

Conventional fire alarm systems

Conventional alarm systems link every zone to the control panel on its own circuit. This option is cost-effective and brilliant for smaller areas.

Addressable fire alarm systems

With more sophisticated technology, addressable systems link every device to the control panel on the same circuit. This is highly effective within large commercial properties.

Wireless fire alarm systems

A wireless system operates from a wireless network, with devices and the control panel communicating without the labour and cost of wiring.

Hybrid fire alarm systems

Hybrid alarm systems allow wired systems to communicate with wireless ones. This is effective for sites with multiple areas that have different requirements.

How else can we boost your fire safety?

Our services don’t stop at the installation of your fire alarm systems. From here, we can commission them to ensure that everything is functioning as it is designed, comparing its processes against the fire risk assessment and specification. We offer service agreements, helping you to maintain your systems so that you can have peace of mind that they are fully functioning and will alert you in the event of a fire. We offer servicing to your fire extinguishers within your service plan, as well as fire alarm testing and training to teach you how to do this yourself. We’re the company to come to for anything you need to guarantee your safety from a fire in your building.

Tell us your fire safety requirements

Are you in construction? At some point, you’ll find yourself in need of fire alarm systems. When it comes to that time, contact Fire Systems Services on 0800 999 1211 or email You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll give you a call back shortly.


Our accredited engineers

Every single one of our engineers is fully trained, and we’re highly experienced working in the construction sector. We have the accreditations and qualifications needed to work safely on site and we always strive to improve our skills so that our clients benefit from improved performance. We also have experience in many other sectors, having worked within rare heritage buildings and for property management companies. Any building you’re working on, we’re the experts to consult about your fire alarm systems.

Case study: Cambourne Business Park, Cambridge

Cambourne Business Park, located in Cambridge, is an established business environment. The site has stunning landscapes and is home to over 100 companies. With close proximity to the town of Cambridge, many businesses love having their hub there. Over three months, Fire Systems Services worked diligently on installing new systems for a building being constructed on the site.

Our work for Cambourne Business Park

  • We installed a new multi loop analogue addressable system.

An addressable system was chosen according to the characteristics of what the building will be like. This option suited our client – we always provide the solution that will be reliable and effective in your commercial location. Our customers are always satisfied, find out why.

The in-depth details

Communication with our client

To determine exactly what work should be carried out at Cambourne Business Park, our client supplied us with a specification with all the details about the property that we would need in order to design a reliable system. From this specification, we were able to design an addressable alarm system that suited the possible risks of the property. This means that the client’s alarm system is as effective as it can be, making effective use of the amount of detail we were given.

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