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Fire alarms for the retail sector

In the retail sector, we are always aware that we are often working within an environment where we may be affecting other fire alarm systems as well. This is particularly relevant if your retail shop is within a shopping centre, meaning there will be a fire alarm system for other shops as well. We have over 30 years of experience working with fire alarm systems, and the retail shops we’ve worked in before have raved about what we’ve done for their fire safety. Our working processes are developed so that they will suit any requirements you have. We will always respect these and work in a way that is convenient for your business. Our services can not only increase your safety, but also enable you to be compliant with fire regulations.

Working in retail: Our processes

A lot of the time, working in retail requires us to do some extra planning. Dependant on your location and the characteristics of your shop front, we may have to liaise with security in order to coordinate our services with the main system of the shopping centre. We also have to keep the general public in mind, as their health and safety is paramount. This requires conscious use of equipment such as ladders. We always conduct our work in a way that keeps mess to a minimum. If it is easier for our client, we can work out of hours when the general public isn’t around. This could lead to safer processes, and our flexible work schedule allows us to adhere to what you need.

Have questions about British Standards and Regulations?

For the answers to any question regarding the British Standards and Regulations that apply to fire safety in retail settings, contact us. Our team are experts in this industry. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email Fill out our contact form and we’ll give you a call back.


Retail fire safety: The best fire alarm system for your shop

If you’re in a retail environment, you may be wondering which system will do the job best. We have four main types of fire alarm systems that you could install in your shop, each with their own benefits and features. At Fire Systems Services, we work diligently to design a fire alarm system that suits your property, using technology that will guarantee your compliance with fire regulations and encourage safety.

Conventional fire alarm systems

This system could be brilliant for you if you have a small shop front. It’s cost-effective, with each zone linking to the control centre on its own circuit.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable systems use intelligent technology so that every device is linked together on one circuit. This means it’s easier to work out which area of the property is being triggered.

Wireless fire alarm systems

Wireless systems can be effective for you if you’d like a system without unsightly wires. Eliminating the cost of wiring, these systems work via a wireless network instead.

Hybrid fire alarm systems

Creating communication between wired and wireless systems, a hybrid system can be useful in situations where there is more than one building that needs to be covered. This approach increases reliability and can be used flexibly.

If your shop is small and doesn’t require more than one system, we may recommend a conventional alarm system. However, if you decide you don’t want the presence of wires, a wireless system will be more appropriate. This is frequently the case in sectors such as rare heritage buildings and hotels where the aesthetic of the property is important.

Fire Systems Services: Our retail fire safety services

You may find yourself in need of services other than fire alarm installation and maintenance. Luckily for you, we can provide all the detection devices that you may need, from smoke detectors to heat detectors, and aspiration detectors. We also offer fire extinguishers, and we can service these within your servicing agreement with the rest of your systems. To further your fire safety within your retail environment, regular fire alarm testing should be carried out. We can do this on the occasions we are maintaining your systems, and we can also train your employees to do this effectively themselves.

Tell us your fire safety requirements

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Your shop’s fire risk assessment: Our team’s accreditations

When it comes to the engineers that will be working on your systems, we have the best in the industry. We are all fully qualified, and we strive to embark on new training to keep up with developments in the industry, and to maintain our high standard of work. Our Fire Risk Assessor is a Graduate of The Institution of Fire Engineers (GIFireE), meaning you’ll have an expert carrying out your report. A fire risk assessment is extremely important in the process of securing your fire safety, as it draws our attention to any possible risks that are in your retail environment. This allows us to design with these risks in mind, which makes your shop that much safer.

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