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Fire alarms for the healthcare sector

Here at Fire Systems Services, we have a lot of experience working in the healthcare sector. We know exactly how to tailor our services to the requirements that are often needed in the healthcare industry, working flexibly and with our clients in mind. These situations may often be sensitive, so we keep disruption to a minimum and work carefully around patients, often working out of hours. We’re experts in all types of fire alarm systems, and we know how to design the perfect system for a healthcare environment.

Hospital fire safety: How we operate in your workplace

We know that hospitals and healthcare require some different handling to other properties, and we make sure these environments comply with HTM 05-03 Part B, as well as BS 5839. With us, these standards are guaranteed – leave it to Fire Systems Services. One of our core values is respecting the circumstances around us and the buildings we are in. This means that we work flexibly to ensure patients aren’t disrupted. If this requires us to work outside of our usual hours, we are more than happy to do this. We collaborate with clients to ensure a convenient service for them. Our service agreement is bespoke. Often in healthcare, as with sectors such as care homes and hotels, there are too many devices to be maintained in one visit. We can create a staggered service plan to ensure every aspect of your system is functioning well.

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Hospital fire alarm systems: Choosing systems for the healthcare sector

If your commercial property is in the healthcare industry, you might be wondering which system would be the best to get installed in your building. All systems have their advantages, so Fire Systems Services will take your specific location into account when designing your fire alarms. Here are some of your options:

Conventional fire alarm systems

Conventional fire alarm systems can be a cost-effective solution for a smaller location, with each zone on its own circuit.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable systems have intelligent technology that allows all devices to be connected to the central panel on one circuit. Each detector has its own address so the control panel can identify its exact location.

Wireless fire alarm systems

These systems use a wireless network between detection devices and the main panel, abandoning the need for wiring and resulting in minimal disruption!

Hybrid fire alarm systems

Hybrid systems are the best of both worlds. A combination of wireless systems and addressable fire alarm systems, these systems give increased flexibility in your location.

Depending on your commercial property, our expert team will be able to design a system that is the most convenient and works effectively. If your location has sensitive areas, for example, then a hybrid system may be the most appropriate for your needs.

What else can Fire Systems Services assist you with?

We are a company that can take care of your commercial property from start to finish. We offer services from installing your fire alarm systems to commissioning and maintaining them. Not only this, but we also offer additional fire alarm services such as fire alarm testing, risk assessments, and detection devices that are bespoke to your project. These services save you from having to find an alternative company, which is bound to save you costs in the long run. Come to Fire Systems Services, we’ll take care of anything your property needs.

Tell us your fire safety requirements

Are you in the healthcare industry and in need of some updated fire safety? Look no further, Fire Systems Services can provide everything you need, and we’ll do it respectfully. Call us on 0800 999 1211 or email or complete our contact form to request a call back.


Who is responsible for fire risk assessments and other services in a hospital?

Our whole team of engineers has relevant experience in healthcare and similar sectors. We are all qualified and accredited, and our experience and industry training allow us to conduct our services in your hospital or healthcare building with tact and skill. When your property needs a fire risk assessment, our Fire Risk Assessor is a Graduate of The Institution of Fire Engineers (GIFireE), meaning you’re in the safest and most experienced hands possible. This ensures that the rest of the service is carried out seamlessly and your systems are bespoke to the characteristics and risks of your commercial property.

Case study: The London Clinic

The London Clinic is one of the UK’s largest private hospitals. Located on London’s Harley Street, it was established in 1932 and has characteristics that require some extra care. Our team at Fire Systems Services have been working with The London Clinic since December 2020, maintaining their fire alarm systems and carrying out refurbishments if they are needed.

Our work for The London Clinic

  • We maintain their fire alarm systems in the main Hospital. We also maintain their many clinics and their head office building.
  • We maintain their voice alarm system, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and dry risers.
  • We conduct alterations and refurbishments to the fire alarm systems if necessary.

All this work is conducted on a regular basis, ensuring that The London Clinic’s systems keep everybody safe and alert them to possible fires.

The in-depth details

Communication with our client

Due to the size of the hospital and its estate we have monthly client meetings to address any fire safety issues they have and to plan upcoming maintenance.

Our client’s requirements

As a hospital can be a sensitive place, much of our work has to be conducted out of hours. This is to access rooms such as surgical theatres, whose hours of operation are not consistent. We are very cautious when it comes to patient welfare. Many patients can’t be disturbed, so our flexibility is always important and we keep disruption to a minimum when working. We prioritise wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in this location, to protect patients and keep the environment safe.

Challenges we faced and how we conquered them

Within the main Hospital, there is some very old equipment. The client has chosen to maintain these systems rather than installing new ones unnecessarily, so our team at Fire Systems Services must work carefully to tailor our service to these older systems. To combat this challenge, we use specialist engineers who are experienced in dealing with certain equipment. This ensures a smooth service for our client that is delivered at the highest standard, guaranteeing safety within their commercial property.

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