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Fire alarms for data centres

Data centres are full of sensitive equipment. These centres need to be protected at the best of times, and especially in the event of a fire. With over 30 years in the industry, our team is equipped to design a fire alarm system that will preserve the servers within the data centre and alert people to a fire efficiently. You may need extra equipment to be installed within your alarm systems in order to fully protect the data centre; this is where Fire Systems Services come in. We will conduct a site visit and fire risk assessment, understanding the risks and characteristics of your property to ensure minimal damage if a fire breaks out.  

How Fire Systems Services operates in data centres 

We’re used to working in sensitive areas, such as care homes and the healthcare sector. As data centres hold sensitive equipment, these skills will be useful when we come to install or maintain your fire alarm systems. To create a minimal amount of dust that could affect your servers, we will take steps to work cleanly and respect the environment. It’s possible for us to work outside of our usual hours if this is the route that is most convenient for you. We won’t disrupt your business – just let us know your preferences and we can work accordingly. We always strive to make your experience with us positive – we take your requirements into accounts at all costs. 

Do you have some questions?

If you have some questions about the British Standards and Regulations and how they may affect the design of the fire alarm system within your data centre, get in touch. We can provide the answers you need. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email 


Data centre fire protection: Which system can benefit you?

You may be wondering what the best fire alarm system is for a data centre environment. Depending on the size of your data centre and your priorities, your options will vary. At Fire Systems Services, we will be able to recommend and design the perfect system tailored to your property. 

Conventional fire alarm systems

Our conventional systems link every zone to the central control panel on its own circuit. These can be appropriate for smaller locations as a cost-effective option.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable systems link every device to the control panel on the same circuit. This reduces the labour involved in wiring and makes detecting where the alarm has been triggered from easier. 

Wireless fire alarm systems

With a wireless system, devices and the control panel communicate on a wireless network. This eliminates the need for wiring, which could be useful in an environment that needs minimal dust. 

Hybrid fire alarm systems

Hybrid systems offer communication between wired and wireless systems, meaning you can use a mixture of technology. This is a durable and effective solution. 

Data centre fire suppression: What our other services can do for you

At Fire Systems Services, we offer other services that you could benefit from. As well as providing you with a top-of-the-line fire alarm system installation, we can offer you additional features that can increase your fire safety even further. We can supply a gaseous suppression system within your data centre. Gaseous suppression systems extinguish fires by removing oxygen until it makes up less than 15% of the air. This percentage no longer allows materials to burn. This is the best detection system to have in a data centre as it won’t damage the servers. We also offer periodic fire alarm testing to ensure your systems are fully functioning. 

Tell us your fire safety requirements

Are you ready to start the process of updating fire safety within your data centre? Our experts are here to help you along the way. Just give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email You can complete our contact form to request a call back from us. 


Our experienced engineers

All our engineers are experienced and qualified. Some of us have spent more than 30 years working within the industry, and over this time we’ve achieved the relevant qualifications to be able to carry out your services to the highest standard. For example, our Fire Risk Assessor is a Graduate of The Institution of Fire Engineers (GIFireE). This ensures the fire risk assessments we carry out are of the highest quality. It takes skill to work to our standard and we’re proud of the fact that we do what we do extremely well. Our clients are always loyal to us, returning for our services and spreading the word about what we do for their business’ fire safety. 


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