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As specialists in designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining fire alarm systems since 2000, Fire Systems Services is the company to come to. When you’re in need of fire safety for your commercial property in Kent, our expert team will assess your building, making an informed choice that benefits your business. Having worked for businesses all over Kent, our knowledge in the industry and consistent training for our employees guarantees a seamless service for your company. For every need pertaining to fire safety, our team will be able to help – leave the difficult parts to us.

Commercial fire alarm systems in Kent

For your commercial property in Kent, there are four main types of fire alarm systems that will be considered. We’ll be able to use our experience and detailed knowledge in the industry to evaluate your building and decide which of these systems will be needed according to its characteristics.

Conventional fire alarm systems 

A conventional alarm system links each device to the control panel on separate circuits. These systems are appropriate for small properties with few devices.

Addressable fire alarm systems 

Using intelligent technology, addressable systems incorporate every device into the control panel on just one circuit, making it reliable and durable.

Wireless fire alarm systems 

Using wireless connections, these systems have communication between devices and the control unit to alert your business to a fire. They help preserve the look of your property.

Hybrid fire alarm systems 

Hybrid systems blend the technology of wired and wireless systems to communicate between different sites – appropriate for companies across multiple buildings, increasing reliability.

Detection devices
in Kent

Detection devices could be the most important element for your fire safety in Kent. The first step in recognising a fire in your property, your detection devices must be suitable for the purpose of your building, ensuring that a fire is detected as soon as possible. From heat and smoke to aspiration and beam detectors, we have the equipment that will ensure your building’s fire safety that little bit further.

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If you have any questions about how the British Standards could affect your business’ fire alarm systems in Kent, get in touch with us. Our experts know everything there is to know about the industry – we have the answers to your questions. Call us on 0800 999 1211 or email


Expert installation in Kent since 2000

Here at Fire Systems Services, several of our engineers have been working in the industry for more than 30 years, installing fire alarm systems seamlessly. We’ve honed our installation processes to be detail-oriented – your Kent property will benefit from our engineers’ experience. On assessment of your building, our team will be able to tailor their approach to its characteristics and what it is used for, ensuring the correct systems are selected for the most effective fire safety.

Maintenance for your
fire alarm systems in Kent

To keep your fire alarm systems running effectively, it will be beneficial to have regular maintenance. Keeping your building in Kent safe from fire risks will be easier with our maintenance agreement, ensuring that your detection devices will alert you to a fire under all circumstances. Our maintenance team will be able to keep your systems running to their best ability, protecting your Kent property and those inside. We always work to the highest standard, returning your building to a clean state and causing minimal disruption.

Monitored fire alarms with BT Redcare in Kent

Depending on which sector your business falls within in Kent, you may need a monitored fire alarm system. This programmes your system to be monitored by a company or emergency services, meaning that in the event of a fire, help will be on the way without someone in your company having to make a call. This is especially useful in sectors such as care homes, and in situations where there may not be anyone around to make that all-important emergency call. We use reliable systems from BT Redcare, ensuring that your Kent property is safe and monitored around the clock.

Our fire alarm testing service in Kent

To get regular peace of mind that your fire alarm systems are working, testing these systems will be helpful. A responsible person from our team will test your alarms and conduct regular fire drills. To keep your Kent business running safely, we can teach your employees to test your systems independently, in between regular maintenance from us. We also offer fire alarm commissioning, which compares the installation of your fire alarm systems to the fire risk assessment carried out on your property. This ensures that the systems in your Kent building are the most effective ones.

We work in these sectors in Kent

With our previous experience in these sectors, you can be sure that your Kent business is safe in our hands. We have developed efficient processes to make sure that we take care of your property, ensuring your fire safety.


Working in healthcare in Kent, we’ve been able to build up a reputation of working sensitively and to client’s requirements. We will make sure no patients are disturbed.

Local authority

If you need fire alarm services in Kent’s local authority buildings, we’re the people to come to. We can increase fire safety for those inside.

Schools and colleges

To decrease the risk of school fires, we can install and maintain your fire alarm systems in your school or college in Kent. Protect your pupils with our services.

Care homes

Our engineers have experience working in the sensitive area of care homes in Kent. We frequently use monitored systems in this situation, ensuring a fast response to a fire.


We’re experienced in the temporary fire alarm systems that you may need in your ongoing construction project in Kent. Come to us for fire safety that is tailored to your industry.


With our experience of working in hotels in Kent, you can rest assured that your guests won’t be disrupted. We can work outside of usual hours to make our service convenient for you.


We can make sure your employees aren’t in danger in your office building in Kent with our fire alarm services. We know which systems your property needs to ensure safety.


Investing in our fire alarm services for your retail shop in Kent will not only protect your property, but your patrons too. Come to us for convenient, top-quality services.

Restaurants and bars

Have your fire alarm systems in your Kent based restaurant or bar been needing an update? Our expert team will create the perfect system for the purpose of your property.

Property management companies

We tailor our services to exactly what your property needs. Our experience working with property management companies has given us valuable skills catering for clients’ requirements.


Heritage buildings often require more care than others. We work carefully in these environments, ensuring that your Kent property is left as pristine as we found it.

Data centres

Data centres often require more precise processes. Luckily, we are experienced in working this way – your property in Kent is safe in our hands.

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For a seamless service tailored to your exact specifications in Kent, come to Fire Systems Services. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email get started with your fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm services in Kent

Before we design your fire alarm system, your Kent property will need a fire risk assessment. This will identify the risks within your building, meaning that we can design with these in mind and tailor your systems to the characteristics of your surroundings. We are also experts in a variety of types of fire extinguishers, meaning we will be able to recommend what your property requires; from a powder fire extinguisher to a water or foam extinguisher. We offer fire extinguisher servicing within your maintenance agreement with us.

Why choose us for
fire alarm systems in Kent

Working with Fire Systems Services will make your life so much easier, and you’ll be able to rest in the knowledge that your property has effective fire safety measures to protect you and your Kent business. Here’s why you should choose us for your fire alarm services:

Comprehensive services

We conduct a comprehensive installation service. Whatever you need regarding fire safety, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Decades of experience

Our company has been in operation since 2000, and many of our engineers have over 30 years within the industry. Why not take advantage of our expertise?

Multi-trained engineers

We train our engineers in every skill they could need, from designing to maintaining fire alarm systems. They have a well-rounded knowledge of the industry.

Concise communication

Our software allows clients to keep up with their project and access reports. We will keep in touch with you via any method that works for you!

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