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Your fire alarm experts in Sussex

Have you been searching for a reputable fire alarm systems company? Here at Fire Systems Services, our experience and talented engineers provide an excellent service for our clients, ensuring fire safety for your property in Sussex. Our service is comprehensive – we’ll take care of your building from design and installation through to commissioning the systems and maintaining them. Our services are raved about all over Sussex, with companies feeling secure in their business’ property. Trust us to handle your fire safety.

Commercial fire alarm systems in Sussex

When it comes to designing brand-new fire alarm systems for your Sussex property, there are four main types of systems that your building may benefit from. Our team will be able to make an informed decision about which systems your property needs.

Conventional fire alarm systems 

Each device runs on its own circuit to the control panel. Conventional systems are brilliant and effective for smaller properties with few devices.

Addressable fire alarm systems 

Addressable systems use sophisticated technology, linking devices to the control panel on the same, single circuit. This increases reliability, detecting which area of the property is being set off.

Wireless fire alarm systems 

If preserving the aesthetic of your property is important to you, a wireless system is the solution. Wireless connections link devices to the control panel, eliminating wiring.

Hybrid fire alarm systems 

Some businesses sprawl across multiple buildings. In this instance, you can combine a wired and wireless system to communicate between buildings, for maximum reliability.

Detection devices
in Sussex

To increase safety in your Sussex property, our expert team will survey your site to decide on the most appropriate detection device. This is incredibly important – detection is the first step in catching a fire, whether this is a smoke detector or a gaseous suppression system. With our experience, we will take the characteristics and uses of your property into account and recommend devices to keep you safe.

Hear from our clients

A wide range of businesses have benefitted from our expertise. Read the reviews they’ve left for us to see what we’re like to work with.

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Have you been wondering if the British Standards will impact fire alarm systems in your Sussex business? We have the answer to any questions you may have. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email for our industry knowledge.


Expert installation in Sussex since 2000

Our installation services are the best in the industry. Several of our engineers have been in the business for more than 30 years, and our services continue to improve day by day. We’re committed to providing clients in Sussex with excellent, seamless installation processes. After your installation, we carry out a fire alarm commissioning service. This compares the installed systems to the fire risk assessment, ensuring that the systems are correctly designed for the characteristics of your Sussex property. This is important for a high-quality service from us.

Maintenance for your
fire alarm systems in Sussex

After your installation, it’s important that your fire alarm systems are maintained regularly, keeping them running smoothly and to the best of their ability. If your systems aren’t maintained, your Sussex business’ safety may be compromised. Our expert team will visit your site regularly and carry out any necessary works to restore your fire alarm systems to their top level of efficiency. This will give you peace of mind that your systems are effective, and that they will alert your Sussex business to a potential fire.

Monitored fire alarms with BT Redcare in Sussex

In certain sectors, it’s a proactive approach to invest in monitored fire alarm systems. We use BT Redcare systems, which are programmed to communicate with a hub that monitors your Sussex property. This ensures that the emergency services are contacted straight away, ensuring a fast response in the event of a fire. This is especially helpful in sectors such as care homes, where staff may not have time to make a call in amongst their other duties. These monitored systems will give your business peace of mind that your Sussex property is protected.

Our fire alarm testing service in Sussex

In between our maintenance services for your Sussex business, it’s important that regular fire drills are carried out to be sure that your systems are still working. We can carry out this testing process, and train your employees on how to do it themselves. This will give you control over your fire safety, giving you peace of mind that your detection devices will be triggered in the event of a fire.

We work in these sectors in Sussex

With our decades of experience, we’ve worked in a variety of different sectors. Having worked in these industries, we’ve been able to develop processes that benefit your Sussex business, no matter your sector. We always work to your requirements.


Working in healthcare, we’re used to having to work outside of hours so as not to disturb patients. We’ll work flexibly to benefit your Sussex property.

Local authority

For maximum safety in Sussex’s local authority buildings, our team will be able to design, install and maintain efficient systems that suit the properties.

Schools and colleges

For schools and colleges, we work outside of school hours and leave the environment as clean as possible for classes. Protect your Sussex students and decrease school fires with our services.

Care homes

Care homes often use monitored alarm systems. We’re experts in installing and maintaining these systems, so come to us for services for your Sussex care home.


Come to us for excellent services for temporary alarm systems for your construction project in Sussex. Our expert team will assess your site and recommend the most reliable option.


To ensure the safety of your guests, come to us for excellent fire alarm services. We will work in your Sussex hotel at times where disruption is kept to a minimum.


Protecting your employees will be one of the most important things you must think about for your Sussex business. Their safety in your office building can be secured with our efficient services.


Have you been looking for fire alarm systems for your retail shop in Sussex? We’re the people to come to – we will design and install the perfect system for your space.

Restaurants and bars

Your Sussex restaurant and bar is bound to benefit from our tailored approach. We have the knowledge to design systems and devices for different areas of your property.

Property management companies

For a property management company, fire safety is of high importance. We will prioritise your needs and ensure that your systems are tailored to each individual property in Sussex.


Sussex boasts many heritage properties, and these must be respected. We work to preserve the aesthetic of your property at the same time as ensuring your fire safety.

Data centres

Data centres need to be treated carefully. We employ precise processes to ensure that your fire safety is guaranteed whilst your property stays pristine.

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Our fire alarm services are seamless – come to us to increase your safety in your Sussex property. Give us a call on 0800 999 1211 or email and let’s get started.

Fire alarm services in Sussex

To make sure we are designing your fire alarm systems for the specific risks in your Sussex property, we carry out a fire risk assessment. This identifies anything in your building that could pose as a fire risk. We also provide different types of fire extinguishers, as well as including the servicing of them in our maintenance agreement. This ranges from powder fire extinguishers, to CO2 and water ones.

Why choose us for
fire alarm systems in Essex

Working with Fire Systems Services will make your life so much easier, and you’ll be able to rest in the knowledge that your property has effective fire safety measures to protect you and your Sussex business. Here’s why you should choose us for your fire alarm services:

Comprehensive services

We conduct a comprehensive installation service. Whatever you need regarding fire safety, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Decades of experience

Our company has been in operation since 2000, and many of our engineers have over 30 years within the industry. Why not take advantage of our expertise?

Multi-trained engineers

We train our engineers in every skill they could need, from designing to maintaining fire alarm systems. They have a well-rounded knowledge of the industry.

Concise communication

Our software allows clients to keep up with their project and access reports. We will keep in touch with you via any method that works for you!

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